Sputnik is a Public Relations agency headquartered in Muenster, with subsidiaries in Berlin and Bonn. As experienced editors and consultants, we are specialized in preparing the messages of our clients in a journalistic way and market them to selected target media at home and abroad. Our services range from strategic consulting, public relations and financial communications to corporate publishing and online PR.
Our company focuses on the identification of topics and their placement in selected media at home and abroad. Sputnik also provides consultancy services on all aspects of external and internal communications. On request, we can design for you an individual communication strategy, which we implement using appropriate instruments such as press conferences, author contributions and client magazines.


We have a clear concept of the enemy! Therefore, Sputnik was established in 2004 as an alternative to the advertising-based PR agencies, opinion leaders and lobbyists. The ultimate goal of our work is to represent the interests of our clients, without losing credibility with the media.
In our daily work we do not only follow the "Code de Lisbonne," which governs the behavior of PR agencies in public. We also keep strictly to the journalistic principles of conduct stipulated in the "Pressekodex des Deutschen Presserates” (Press Code of the German Press Council). And we will continue to do so!
  • Flexibility means for us that we also work project-related. We deliberately refrain from agreeing annual budgets. Thus, the client can also market individual topics without a long-term commitment.
  • Credibility means for us that we offer editorial offices only media-related topics with high information content. Unlike traditional PR agencies, we are therefore not considered as a company representative, but as scouts for topics and ideas.  Thanks to this independence, editors like to hear from us.


Our work often results in a creative chaos in our office. We like that! But sometimes, we also clean up our office.