Financial markets need trust

A functioning market requires one thing above all: trust! This applies particularly to the financial and capital markets after the severe shocks in recent years. Only a credible and transparent communication with the investor can restore lost trust and reputation. Sputnik has the required financial and economic expertise to support you in your company's financial communications.
Investor Relations strategies:

Communication with vision

Without a detailed investor relations strategy there is a risk that some instruments will have no impact and key targets will be missed. The strategy development calls for an intensive communication and collaboration between the client and the agency, which is usually implemented as part of one or more practical workshops. The core of an investor relations strategy is always the equity story.
  • 1. Formulating operational and strategic goals of the company
  • 2. Transforming goals into concrete IR objectives
  • 3. Analyzing previously used IR measures
  • 4. Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • 5. Developing relevant revisions of the equity story
  • 6. Determining appropriate IR instruments
  • 7. Determining target groups and media
Mandatory Disclosures:

More than a burdensome obligation

Compulsory disclosures for listed companies may vary by market segment and be more or less stringent. To avoid penalties and sanctions, companies must always be up to date with the legal regulations. However, not only should you meet the diverse requirements of transparency but also exploit its opportunities.
We do not just advise you on what facts are to be considered as price sensitive and thus need a mandatory release. We assist our clients also in the design, writing and editing of the messages. Our standard is to get understandable, plausible and persuasive messages for the financial market on the way together with our clients and beyond the legal requirements.
Equity Stories:

Basis of financial communication

The equity story in financial communication is the basic document from which lines of reasoning for investor presentations or analyst conferences are generated. Equity stories communicate to the relevant target groups the main reasons for buying the stock.
Together with our client we develop the core of the equity story. This includes the aspects strategy, competitive advantages and the investment case. The major components of the equity story are listed on the right.
  • Market conditions and the competitive environment
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Competitive advantages
  • Key figures
  • Vision & investment case

Annual Reports:

More than balance sheets

For many companies the annual report is a yearly mandatory disclosure. But it can also be an excellent carrier for additional information.
Properly prepared, in addition to financial figures, also the activities of the company, its strategy and visions find their way into the media.
With our business expertise, we therefore not only prepare balance sheet data but also communicate additional information with our journalistic and financial expertise.

The most important event of the year

For listed companies the AGM is the most important event of the year: Shareholders, investors and business journalists experience the company up close. From reception to technical handling and catering, all processes have to be matched perfectly. Only then can the AGM have a positive effect as a representative platform without damaging your reputation in the financial world.
Sputnik creates significant corporate presentations and speech manuscripts for your AGM. In order not to be caught on the wrong foot during the Q & A session, we prepare you prior to the event for possible critical questions from the invited shareholders.
During the meeting we also create powerful images, which you can then use for public relations purposes of your business. In addition, we assist you in selecting the right service providers for you AGM and in controlling the budget.
Analyst and investor conferences:

Central multipliers of financial communication

Analysts are key multipliers in financial communication. Their recommendations and reviews may set the trend for a share over months and years. To attract analysts is one of the biggest challenges for any company’s Investor Relations department. Institutional investors generally have less in-depth knowledge and require a broader information base.
Appropriate activities to communicate interactive information are specialist conferences in which analysts and investors will be supplied with the most important information and have the opportunity to ask specific questions. We search for relevant analysts and investors and organize the invitation management. We also take care of the preparation, organization and execution of the event.
We ensure that the adequate information is provided to conference participants in the form of presentations, charts and handouts. Besides conferences with onsite attendance, we also organize telephone and video conferences, which can be implemented at significantly lower cost.

Build confidence in individual interviews

The traditional reasons for a road show are capital increase and the presentation of the current financial figures. In the context of individual meetings the Executive Board presents the business model of the company with the aim to build trust and convince potential investors to buy shares.
The success of a road show is only guaranteed if it is organized and executed perfectly, including the booking of flights and the creation of a question catalog. We support you in the organization, preparation, facilitation and response analysis.
In detail, we will provide you with adequate dialog partners like analysts and investors, take care of the invitation management and prepare you thoroughly in RPGs for possible critical situations in the one-on-ones. In parallel, we support our clients in the creation of meaningful and plausible presentations that are in line with the equity story of the company.
Fact Sheets:

Financial communications in a compact form

Every listed company should compile a classic factsheet. This transparent overview informs shareholders, investors and journalists about facts and figures of the company.
Sputnik supports you and your company when creating your factsheet. From the design to the content, we provide a compact editing of your corporate data. Similarly, we take care of the continuous updating of your factsheets and their distribution to shareholders, investors and journalists on request.
IR Presentations:

Authentic representation

In the context of financial communication, the effect of corporate presentations cannot be denied. Their task is to provide information credibly and free from advertising claims. The skill lies therefore in explaining the company's strategy to the addressee in a clear way, to present figures clearly and ultimately work out the investment case credibly.
Sputnik helps you to create corporate presentations. Whether you want to present the key points by PowerPoint or short film sequences: We will take care of the preparation and structuring of the content and the design and production of the desired media.
Financial letters:

The personal approach

The financial letter is the ideal tool for the personal communication with shareholders, investors and partners. Whether in electronic form or on classic stationary, the financial letter provides information, including background information, about important events in the company on a regular basis. A well-made financial letter builds trust and strengthens the identification with the company.
Sputnik helps you to create your own individual financial letter. From the text editing to letter design and distribution, we take care of all the required steps. On request, we also set up and maintain an address database.