Our cooperation with the client always begins with a personal consultation which focuses on their short- and long-term goals. We also clarify if we can assist the client with targeted public relations or strategic consulting. It remains to be seen whether support is needed only with specific communication activities or with the development of a detailed strategy. Basic advice is provided free of charge.
  • Start-up coaching
  • Potential Consulting
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Crisis Communications
  • Coaching & Knowledge Transfer
  • Media Training

Start-up coaching:

Implementing business ideas successfully

The journey from initial business idea to successful business model is strewn with a number of challenges for many start-ups: Financial planning, competitor analysis and marketing strategy are just some of the many tasks. In the initial stage of a company the professional advice from external coaches has become a central factor for sustainable success. However, companies often hesitate to contact a consultant because their earnings are low.
Sputnik in cooperation with KfW Mittelstandsbank has a support program that meets both the financial and the content requirements of start-ups and young businesses. The overall objective is to optimize the business model of the company and thus strengthen its long-term competitiveness. The coaching itself is based on methods that are individually tailored to the needs of the entrepreneurs.
  • Business plan optimization
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Marketing concept
  • Marketing and PR strategy
  • Personnel management
  • Acquisition of venture capital
Potential Consulting:

Identify opportunities and use your potential

Companies are often like ideas: They offer a huge potential that is not realized. With its methodical, differentiated and professional potential consultancy service, Sputnik supports the decision of a company to recognize and review its opportunities. The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the company in the long run.
To enhance and sustain competitiveness, decision-makers are enabled to identify and evaluate the potential of their business by means of a methodical SWOT analysis. Based on the current situation, a schedule and action plan is developed, allowing the company to reach its pre-defined goals independently.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunity and risk analysis
  • Development of action goals
  • Measures to optimize competitiveness
  • First steps of implementation

Positioning Strategy:

Successfully through the storm of competition

Those who want to stand their ground in the market and achieve their business objectives need to know their exact position and define precisely their future direction with regard to the competition. In particular, they must be positioned with a clear distinction from the competition in the subjective perception of their customers and partners and hence create more preferences for their own company, their products or services.
Sputnik supports its clients in all aspects of positioning with a specially developed and field-proven method kit. Unlike purely exogenous advisory procedures, Sputnik follows the principle that the knowledge necessary for a successful positioning already exists in the minds of decision-makers. Therefore, our procedures and methods aim at providing the decision-makers of our clients with competencies that enable them to identify both the current and future position of their company themselves.
Therefore, our procedures and methods aim at providing the decision-makers of our clients with competencies that enable them to identify both the current and future position of their company themselves.
Communication strategy:

Achieve goals with the right strategy

What goals does your company or organization have? And how can these goals be communicated? A communication strategy will help you to address target groups and to plan specific issues and actions. With the different instruments of public relations, key messages can be placed in the media bearing your company's goals in mind. Thus, the right communication strategy will help you to achieve your business goals.
  • Formulating corporate goals
  • Transforming corporate goals into communication goals
  • Analyzing previous communication activities
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Formulating key messages based on communication goals
  • Defining communication activities and instruments
  • Identifying target groups and media
Crisis Communication:

Managing critical situations confidently

Our crisis management begins with purely prophylactic measures. The aim is to prepare a company for crises and to anticipate potential hazards such as layoffs, accidents or job actions. Together with the client, we develop a contingency plan that includes all communication and organizational measures for these and other situations.
The contingency plan is even more important when a crisis breaks out suddenly in reality and the reaction time of the company falls dramatically. In addition to crisis prevention, we support our clients during any current crisis: On the basis of the general contingency plan, we quickly put together a crisis team with whom we develop and implement a concrete action plan.
Depending on the event of a crisis, we organize background meetings with selected editors or press conferences. We also create press kits with prefabricated statements and press releases.

Interested in the topic of "crisis management" and wanting more information? Then ask for our detailed service descriptions.
Coaching & Knowledge Transfer:

Knowledge as a competitive factor

The knowledge and skills of employees shape the culture of every company and have a significant impact on its competitiveness. Given the increasing complexity in individual departments as well as the speed of the change process, it is almost impossible to stay up to date at all times.
Sputnik provides coaching and knowledge transfer with a focus on different key aspects. The aim of all these activities is to empower people to achieve set goals by themselves. Focusing on their personality, we strengthen the knowledge and skills of each person and support their professional development process.
  • Financial statements and financial statement analysis
  • Behavior in entrepreneurial crisis situations
  • Benefit and quality control of public relations
  • Press and Public Relations in SMEs
Media training:

Confident conversations with journalists

A failed interview can destroy a hard-won image in seconds. Not only appearance, credibility and clothes must be right. In addition, critical questions of journalists need to be anticipated and confidently invalidated. Those who take talks with the media seriously and prepare them thoroughly will act confidently and have a good chance to communicate a positive image to the public.
We provide optimal preparation for interviews and off-the-record conversations with editors: In the first place by narrowing down the topic, identifying critical issues and formulating key messages. We also introduce you to the interviewing techniques of the media and advise you on how to get closer to the perfect statement.
  • Rhetoric on camera
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Posture
  • Clothing
  • Gestures and facial expressions
  • Voice
  • Speech rate