Communication on the Web

The possibilities of online communication are manifold. But what measures suit you and your business goal? We create for you the right concept and content for the different Web channels.
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Online Strategies:

Pursue corporate objectives on the web

The Internet as a medium is constantly becoming more and more important. However, many companies neglect the World Wide Web as part of integrated public relations although the so-called Web 2.0 offers many opportunities to connect.
Online strategies thus serve to establish direct contact with customers, employees, suppliers and journalists. The possibilities of communication on the Internet are manifold. But what measures suit you and your business goals?
We create for you the right design and the content for the different Web channels and ensure they are connected. In addition, Sputnik offers technical support and monitoring of all activities.
Social Networks:

Friends in this world

Million people are organized in social networks. For corporate communications but also for sales and marketing, this creates numerous opportunities: employees, suppliers or customers connect via those channels and can thus be targeted.
Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn are also platforms for your own representation. In line with your business objectives, Sputnik creates concepts for the use of social networks. We also produce content, build networks and bring together different groups.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Xing
  • LinkedIn


Being searched for and being found

The online search is increasingly important when it comes to purchase decisions: Who provides what jewelry? What distinguishes the latest phones? What are the incumbent operators in the field of ​​contract and silo logistics? What do I have to consider as an employer when introducing a mobile system for the recording of working time?
You should show that you are an expert in your industry. Be found! Thanks to integrated public relations, which starts on your Web site. Sputnik optimizes your Web site for the keywords relevant to you and helps you to be found by customers and journalists.
When optimizing your Internet presence, Sputnik does not write for Google but creates content with value. Make yourself a contact person. With the help of search engine optimized PR that improves your reputation and your ranking, your presence on the Web will grow.
Press & News Room:

Landing point for journalists

Online PR begins on the company Web site, especially in the media center: When journalists want to learn about a company, their first point of call is the Internet. If customers want to research a product, they will do so online first.
Nevertheless, many companies do not use the opportunities offered by an online media center. It is not about peppy animations and flashy colors: Relevant content must be presented attractively but also reduced to the essentials and easy to find.
Sputnik develops the concept and content of an appropriate design of your company Web site and especially the media center – one that fits your needs. We create text, graphics or the entire site, including the technical infrastructure.
Blogs & forums:

Dialogue instead of monologue

Web 2.0 thrives on taking part: While the sender and receiver in traditional print media as well as TV and radio are strictly separated, the next generation Internet does not have these limits. This opens up many opportunities for the communication of a company, which can be exploited to achieve strategic or sales objectives.
Corporate or campaign blogs optimize addressing customers and employees - the target audience is addressed directly and unfiltered. In the best case, a real dialogue evolves. The same goes for the microblogging system Twitter, in which a designated circle of interested parties is supplied in short intervals with brief messages. Forums also offer the possibility to draw attention to new products.
Sputnik designs effective strategies for you to address your audience directly. We also create content for internal and external representations of your business. On request, we also take care of the technical realization.
Video & Audio podcast:

Video and Audio podcasts

Web 2.0 allows the use of multimedia communications. Audio posts and videos (podcasts) open new prospects for a company’s external communication. In particular, a company’s image can be influenced positively and directly by means of films and audio posts produced by the company. It is also possible to explain products or present testimonials.
Sputnik takes care of the full realization of video and audio podcasts: We offer everything from one source – from the first idea for the script and the post-production to the finished product. We integrate different media and prepare the podcasts also for cell phones or MP3 players. In addition, we place the contents on the Internet to stimulate a viral spread.
  • Storyboard/script
  • Interview and speech coaching
  • Camera, lighting and audio equipment
  • Live streaming
  • Post-production
  • (Editing, sound, etc.)
  • Duplication

An encyclopaedia of knowledge

Those who think only of Wikipedia when talking about wikis is fundamentally wrong. A wiki is an online store of knowledge to which anyone or a closed group of users can contribute entries. Companies set up these platforms to improve their communication with customers, suppliers, partners or employees.
Sputnik provides the technological platform for a wiki that you can use depending on your needs and design. If needed, we can also provide the required content and maintain the created pages, posts by guests and available downloadable documents.
  • Company wikis
  • Historical wikis
  • Manuals for customers
  • Product documentation
  • Employee training
Social Bookmarking / RSS:

Individual bookmarks and news ticker

On the Internet, there are numerous portals with an infinite number of information. But how does a message reach the intended recipient without him having to go to the appropriate site? Via an RSS feed, interested readers can subscribe to news releases and other news of a company.
On the other hand, social bookmarks offer the opportunity to spread content virally and to address the largest possible public. Sputnik shows you the possibilities of using social bookmarks and RSS feeds. In addition, we create concepts and help with their technical realization.
  • Strategic conception
  • Technical realization
  • Content management
  • User analysis
  • Employee training