Food for the Media

Our focus is public relations. The most important goal is the identification and editing of topics and their placement in selected media. In addition, we offer our clients the entire spectrum of successful public relations.
  • Communication strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Editorial talks
  • Press conferences
  • Exhibitions & Conferences
  • Campaigns
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Press release distribution lists
  • International press service
  • Media Monitoring & Analysis
Communication strategy:

Achieve goals with the right strategy

What goals does your company or organization have? And how can these goals be communicated? A communication strategy will help you to address target groups and to plan specific issues and actions. With the different instruments of public relations, key messages can be placed in the media bearing your company's goals in mind. Thus, the right communication strategy will help you to achieve your business goals.
  • Formulating corporate goals
  • Transforming corporate goals into communication goals
  • Analyzing previous communication activities
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Formulating key messages based on communication goals
  • Defining communication activities and instruments
  • Identifying target groups and media

In the beginning was the word

Our focus is public relations. The most important goal is to place the issues of our clients in the media. Therefore, only experienced journalists and editors who are at home in the world of letters and words work at Sputnik. We are thus able to offer our clients the full range of journalistic presentations.
  • Press releases
  • Reports & features
  • Company and personal portraits
  • Interviews
  • Comments
  • Glosses & columns
  • Industry reports & technical papers
  • Testimonials and case studies
  • Synopsis
  • Internet texts
  • Product information
  • Historical reviews

The beautiful sister of the text

A picture is worth a thousand words. To visualize the topics of our clients and to increase the chances of texts being published, we offer the production of journalistic images that our clients can enclose in a press release, publish on their Web sites or include in their press kits.
The production of journalistic images obviously includes digital image processing, the permanent archiving of data and the provision of selected images using an online gallery. In addition, we also offer the research and procurement of supplemental images for your company publications. We specialize in the following image genres.
  • Press photos of current events
  • Photojournalism
  • People’s portraits
  • Architectural photography
  • Industry and technology photography
  • Product and catalog photos
Editorial talks:

We open doors

The personal interview with opinion-leading journalists is one of the most effective activities for successful public relations. In addition, personal meetings are used to build lasting relationships based on trust, which may be invaluable when dealing with complex issues or crisis situations.
Sputnik helps its clients to establish personal contacts with journalists and address the key opinion leaders in their industry directly. We make appointments with selected editors and prepare our clients for editorial visits, interviews and background briefings.
Why are the journalists involved with us and our clients? It is simple: The staff members of Sputnik have been supplying editors of leading newspapers and business or trade magazines with information and relevant topics for years and are therefore considered as competent advisors.
Press conferences:

If you have something to say

Press conferences are classical instruments of public relations. But in times of a daily flood of news and tight schedules they are only useful if the occasions and topics are worthwhile from the perspective of journalists. We therefore advise our clients on the situations and messages for which they should hold press conferences.
We also take care of the preparation and execution of press conferences and roundtables. In consultation with our clients, we prepare presentations, speeches, press releases and images and provide a professional operation. We answer open questions from journalists after a press conference. Our services in terms of press conferences (selection):
  • Organization & planning
  • Conceptualizing
  • Invitation management
  • Creation of press kits
  • Introduction & hosting
  • Image and film production
  • Post-processing
Exhibitions & Conventions:

The big stage

Trade shows and conventions are central communication platform for any company. Here, new products are introduced, sales partnerships concluded, contracts signed or presentations held. Prerequisite for a successful show is, however, that the public and business partners know of the company's presence and hear about the news in the wake of the trade show. The same goes for conventions.
Sputnik supports the trade show activities of its clients with target-oriented public relations during and after the event. We invite journalists to press conferences at the stand, book and maintain the dedicated pigeonhole in the media center, organize rooms for press conferences onsite and provide journalists with information and pictures in the wake of the trade show.
  • Pre-coverage
  • Background discussions
  • Planning of information events
  • Press conferences
  • Photos with celebrities
  • Press kits for the press pigeonhole
  • Comprehensive post-coverage

Originality instead of tradition

Campaigns should attract attention, enhance the image, convey credibility or boost revenues. Classical events for PR campaigns are the market entry of a company, the maturity phase of an innovative product or the introduction of a new service. Irrespective of the occasion, the company's goals and target groups should be the focus while developing a campaign.
Only if these are identified before the actual design phase can appropriate communication goals be derived and accurate activities developed. Sputnik accompanies you from the conception to the realization of your campaign. On the one hand, we see ourselves as creative consultants who develop the guiding principles for the occasion. On the other hand, we are craftsmen who can help in all aspects of the implementation of a campaign.
  • Entry into new markets
  • Product innovations
  • New business areas
  • Anniversaries
  • Employee recruitment
Editorial Calendar:

Basis for efficient public relations

The right timing often determines the success or failure of public relations. It is essential to introduce the right issues at the right time to the right editor. Valuable tools for targeted planning are editorial calendars. They provide information about the time at which individual media will publish specials or inserts on a particular topic.
The many benefits of editorial calendars are pitted against an organizational nightmare: Given that there are about 1,300 daily and business newspapers, 1,100 magazines and weeklies, 1,500 specialist and customer magazines and 600 TV shows in Germany, there is an unpredictable number of media data and topic lists.
With the help of our individual editorial calendars we provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information about the editorial coverage relevant to your business. You can thus save yourself the time- and labor-intensive research and instead focus on the respective articles and on the phone calls with journalists.
Press distribution lists

The fast way to the editorial department

Anyone who wants to send his news to as many editors as possible simultaneously is in need of a good press distribution list. But not every press distribution list is the same! Often, the private addresses of journalists and the addresses of the respective departments are lumped together. Or editors will be contacted, which have long left the department. Most popular, however, is the delivery of messages to editors who have nothing to do with the topic. Trouble or editorial contempt is inevitable!
Sputnik offers its customers comprehensive services to create and maintain press distribution lists. First there is the timeliness of the data, which we ensure through cooperation with various news agencies (dpa, ddp, Reuters, etc.) and different address providers. We also put a record on each editor with some 20 criteria. This will allow us to create press distribution list by overlooking the main topics of the editor or the language of the medium.
As a unique selling proposition, our editorial database also includes the contact details of foreign editors. In addition to the private and editorial e-mail addresses, we also record the languages ​​and specialist subject areas of each editor. Thus, within a few hours, we can add to the press distribution list of your company English-speaking journalists in India who focus on the engineering industry, or German-speaking journalists in Turkey.
International Press:

Sometimes it has to be Kiswahili

By now many small and medium enterprises operate like large corporate groups in a global economy. The public relations of these companies should therefore not be limited to one country. Rather, the key messages have to be addressed in the native language of those countries and their editors where the customers and business partners live.
Sputnik accompanies its clients in international public relations. Whether it's about a market entry in China or the support of your sales in Brazil – from translating individual press releases into up to 58 languages ​​or developing international press distribution lists to shipping via communications satellite or e-mail, we offer the basis for successful public relations abroad.
For the following areas, we offer you the distribution of your press release:
  • Europe (21,000 contacts)
  • Eastern Europe (6,000 contacts)
  • North America (15,000 contacts)
  • Latin America (12,000 contacts)
  • Asia (14,000 contacts)
  • Australia (6,000 contacts)
  • Africa (12,000 contacts)
Media Monitoring & Analysis:

Know what is written about you

What’s written in the media about my company? Those who do not want to lose track need continuous media monitoring. Quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of the media coverage is essential for two reasons: First, monitoring is a daily task of public relations. Second, its purpose is to recognize crisis situations. Before the start of press activities, a detailed analysis of the quality of reporting and the print run of all target media should be performed.
That’s the only way to ensure that the used PR instruments achieve their optimum effect. Sputnik offers a range of services in the field of media monitoring: Core component of the response analysis is the clipping report, which we provide to our client usually monthly or quarterly. This report contains all the publications about your company, regardless of whether they have been published in print, online, radio or TV media. And not just in Germany.
In this quantitative analysis we provide you with information about the media titles, print runs and reach. After sending out a press release, you can find out which media covered the news about your company in some form. If you want a qualitative analysis, we also list equivalent values ​​for advertisements and examine how your key messages were received by the various editors.